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Ketto is a Quebec-based company created by two people with a common desire: to joyfully challenge the mundane by adding colour to everyday life!

Launched in 1998 with the instant success of the initial collection of dinnerware produced in Céramique Café’s basement, Ketto has expanded, and its original and magical characters have taken up residence on a wide range of products. The company’s wonderful and natural progression has kept the founders’ creative prowess in sharp focus.

Today, the Ketto characters are featured on collections designed to delight the young and old alike: handbags, school bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, cosmetic bags, coffee mugs, and more! A thousand and one ways to brighten up your day and put smiles on the faces around you. Ketto encourages you to live colourfully and never, ever forget, that it’s all the little pleasures in life that make a world of difference!


Ketto owes its existence to the long-lasting friendship between Catherine Fafard and Julie St-Onge- Drouin, as well as the contribution of dedicated employees and collaborators.

For the past 15 years, the two co-founders and their team have shaped the company and brought their ideas to life by relying on their creativity, audacity, business sense, desire to learn, strategy, passion, efficiency, and a whole lot of positive attitude.


Julie is the creative force in the pair. Whimsical characters, textures and infinite magical universes seem to flow endlessly and effortlessly from her imagination. What inspires her? Smiling faces and the stories behind them, bright-eyed children, nature, music and colour! What’s her perfect day? A good cup of coffee, a thousand colours and time to create without distraction. And if the day wraps up with a cocktail under the sun, a dip in the ocean and a delicious meal with friends and family, she’s in heaven!

What are the things she can’t live without? Her children, travelling, creating, colours, red peppers, oysters, cherries, Birkenstock sandals, the Magdalen Islands and freedom.


Catherine is both the glue and the wood. She’s the one who takes the numerous project ideas and runs with them, dodging obstacles and leaping over hurdles, until dreams become reality. What inspires her? Zeitgeist, the migration of Canada Geese and Erythronium Americanum.

What’s her perfect day? A day in the woods, and meeting up with a wild animal. A fox, a moose, a deer, a bear... well, maybe not a bear! What are the things she can’t live without? Her bicycle, her skates, her snowshoes, anything that keeps her moving day in and day out. Oh! And birds, trees, flowers, landscapes in all seasons, the St. Lawrence River, sounds, smells, the changing colours of the day and passing seasons.

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