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March 14, 2022

Global Recycling Day

March 18th is Global Recycling Day ! For the occasion, get 25% off the entire Eco Ketto collection, for 24h only!

But what is Eco Ketto, exactly?

First, it's reusable products that replace single-use ones on the market, whether it's for the lunch, in the kitchen or when you shop.

In this collection, you'll mostly find products made of recycled plastic bottles.
Did you know that more than 15 000 plastic bottles are bought around the world every second, and that only 20% of these bottles are recycled? To create our products, each bottle is sorted, washed, granulated and transformed into synthetic fibers, using 2 to 4 bottles per product.

Products that are not made of recycled plastic bottles still go through a strict selection of their materials. Cellulose fibers, bamboo and soon wheat straws are other ecofriendly options that are used in the Eco Ketto collection.

Discover the different products below, and don't forget to take advantage of the 24h flash sale on March 18th!

What are the products in the Eco Ketto collection? 


Pochette zéro déchet Ketto


The zero waste pouches are certainly the most popular items of this collection. Reusable, machine washable, made of recycled plastic bottles and replacing the single-use re-sealable plastic bags, you won't be able to go without them anymore.

See the zero waste pouches




Ustensiles réutilisables Ketto 

The wooden utensils go in the dishwasher and the pouch made of recycled plastic bottles, in the washing machine! You're done with the utensils breaking the inside liner of your lunch bags, or the plastic utensils for your spontaneous meals outside of the house.
Bring them everywhere in the bottom of your bag and don't get caught unprepared!


See the reusable utensils


Pailles réutilisables Ketto

The reusable straws are made of bamboo, but they follow the same concept. The brush is included for an easy cleaning without a worry! Be smart and keep them in your car, a sudden urge for an iced coffee is often around the corner when you're on the road!


See the reusable straws





Sac d'achats repliable Ketto


Foldable shopping bags are also made of recycled plastic bottles, are extremely strong and go in the washing machine. Keep them in your handbag, your backpack or your car and you won't ever have to accept again one of the single-use plastic bags!

See the foldable shopping bags





Essuie-tout Ketto 


The absorbent towels are made of cellulose fibers and are completely compostable! Wash them up to 300 times before you add them to the compost bin at the end of their life. They replace perfectly the disposable paper towels to clean up the little daily messes, and they dry in a flash!

See the absorbent towels


Boîte à lunch Ketto 


And finally, look for the recycled symbol for all the bags, lunch bags, wallets and cases made of recycled plastic bottles!

See all Eco Ketto


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