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  1. History


  2. 1

    1998: Who would have guessed?

    Julie, a visual arts student, was working at the Céramic Café. The customers loved her original pieces. An idea was born.

  3. 2

    Taking flight

    Encouraged by a co-worker at the café, Julie began working independently, painting little characters on durable dinnerware. Her original drawings, in particular a blue cat named Barjo, were a huge success, and her living room quickly became a studio.

  4. 3

    New surroundings and a chance encounter

    Julie moved to Québec city to continue her adventure. There, she met her match: a young woman named Catherine who was also brimming with enthusiasm and ambition. They teamed up, and suddenly it all became clear: they would form a company.

  5. 4

    “Two” in Hungarian

    Ketto. They noticed the word just by chance while leafing through some travel guides. It had a good ring to it. There were two of them. Bingo! They had just found a company name.

  6. 5

    Hand painted

    Driven by this new synergy, Julie and Catherine began buying dishes from all over and decorating them with their hand-painted illustrations. They were a hit, and their popularity continued to grow.

  7. 6

    Forging cross-border ties

    2002 - The duo put in extra hours, creating and experimenting in their boutique on Saint-Vallier Street in Québec City. They also took their products on the road, attending fairs and showcasing their unique style across Canada.

  8. 7

    2006 – A new home on Cartier Avenue

    Julie and Catherine moved shop to Cartier Avenue in Québec City, transforming a former fish shop into a true laboratory where creativity had free rein. More sketches came to life on a range of products more diverse than ever.

  9. 8

    Bags: the collection expands

    Demand kept growing and the ideas kept coming. The pair assessed their options and decided to collaborate with China, after visiting several factories to see the production quality and working conditions first-hand.

  10. 9

    2009 – Colourful ideas for school supplies

    Backpacks, shoes bags, pencil cases: Ketto launched its first collection of school supplies. The new characters were lovable, and kids were instantly crazy about them.

  11. 10

    Fueled by novelty

    The girls continued to add to the Ketto family, with new characters, children’s novels, more school supplies, as well as new collections for adults.

  12. 11

    2016 – When it comes to ideas, we’ve got the pedal to the metal!

    As for the future, Ketto's colourful illustrations will lead the way. As long as their creations are still bringing smiles to faces, Julie and Catherine will continue to find new ways to bring them to life. They will expand, dream up new collections, find new mediums… you’ll see, there is no shortage of ideas!

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