Horoscope October 2018

Ketto Horoscope - October - Bobby Saphir


Your horns may be an asset, but they won’t protect you from yourself. Stop fighting, dear Aries, it’s exhausting and futile; focus your energy on your well-being.
Learn to conceal your strength and use it wisely, when you really need it. Draw inspiration from the great kung-fu masters.


Every year in July, the bulls invade the streets of Pamplona for the fiestas of San Fermin.
It’s an omen, Taurus, your wakeup call! In the next few days, join in the festivities.
Get out of the house, have some fun, party! Relax and let your enthusiasm shine.


Your duality is your friend, Gemini, but you must take a good look at it; you’ve swept some negative aspects of your life under the carpet. By not accepting some of your darkest feelings, you risk blowing a gasket.
Lift up the carpet! It will take effort, but facing your demons will definitely help you see more clearly.


Your symbol is the crab. You’ve always been considered a water sign, Cancer, but did you know that there are some very colourful terrestrial crabs?
The Christmas Island red crab even lives in the forest.
In short, I suggest that you question your preconceived notions. Ditch the stereotypes and move forward toward the unknown. Dare to show your true colours!


You may be queen of the jungle, but recently, your lazy side has been running the show.
Your mane has lost its shine and your harsh attitude doesn’t impress anyone. Get up, leap, roar! I’m not talking about simply moving around, I’m talking about lighting your inner fire!


For some time now you’ve been discrete, smooth and predictable. You’ve gotten some rest and I congratulate you on that, but the stars tell me you’re cooking something up; you can let your dreams simmer for another cycle or two, but beware, because they may evaporate if you wait too long.


Although you are the embodiment of balance, don’t forget that the world is full of pitfalls. I suggest that you slow down and watch your pace, dear Libra. Look around you, contemplate the ordinary and everyday things in life.
This could help you avoid falling into a trap, and may also reveal the unexpected treasures hiding right under your nose.


Scorpio, I like your dark side, your claws and your nasty reputation. Stop believing that people always think the worst of you. Reveal your true nature, lose your old shell.
In the coming days, your mantra will be “Wind of Change” by the German rock group the “Scorpions.”


Your talk of saddlebags, coquetry and appearances doesn’t interest me, Sagittarius.
What fascinates me is your bow. Like any weapon, it can be helpful or hurtful. I invite you to choose carefully and control your power well. Pay careful attention to the arrows you let fly. Make sure that your words are strong and beneficial.


Your third eye is short-sighted, dear Capricorn. Your intuition needs glasses, or some mental gymnastics.
Try looking inward instead of blaming those around you. This exercise requires humility and isn’t easy, but it will likely help you to see reality in a new light.


The brightest star in your constellation is a red supergiant named, in Arab, Al Sa’d al Su’ud, or “Luckiest of the Lucky.” You can count on this lucky star, Aquarius, but do not abuse its magical powers.
Your acts speak loud and clear, your words leave a mark. It’s up to you to carve out your place under the starry sky.


There are some 32,000 species of fish on the planet – the variety of shapes and colours are enough to make you dizzy.
It’s not surprising that you have a tough time finding your way in this vast sea of possibilities. First, dear Pisces, look for those with whom you have affinities, and then travel to the deep, dark yet clear waters of your inner self.

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