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  • Horoscope mai 2019

    Annie Arsenault était destinée à devenir diseuse de Bonaventure, lieu sacré de son enfance où elle trouve son bonheur dans la neige fraîche et les bains de mer. Pour elle, l’écriture est le repaire de toutes les libertés et de toutes les folies; un prétexte pour procéder à l’inventaire des beautés, au recensement des douleurs.
    Elle a une maîtrise en création littéraire et a choisi d’enseigner la littérature et la créativité en Gaspésie.
  • Horoscope April 2019

    With her enchantment tools spread across the table, her chakras lined up and her heart filled with kindness, Bibi settles in comfortably to write your April horoscope. This month’s horoscope will be fabulous – filled with joy and lifesaving prophecies. Admittedly, she is a novice, but oh-so creative and intuitive. Her inner self knows that she’ll stitch together just the right words for your spring. She gazes out the window at the horizon, warms up her pendulum, shuffles her tarot cards and, just as she reaches for her plume, she glances at the cookie jar. Unable to resist the temptation, she sinks her teeth into the first one.
  • Horoscope March 2019

    More underground and undersea than the unicorn, the Gerbe Rare de Narval lives in the least polluted waters of the Arctic regions where, alas, the number of her sisters is in sharp decline. A small and very vocal whale, the narwhal switches from oral to written communication only when the noise pollution from marine traffic becomes unbearable. With a plume perched on her spiralled tusk, a sensory organ with millions of nerve endings, she expresses herself in alexandrines only by accident.
  • Horoscope February 2019

    Lou Lauz lives on Earth and in nir heart, surrounded by beliefs, paradoxes and nir artistic family. Nir inclinations include the divine, the ukulele and words, words and more words. Free incarnation (ha?), Lou works every day to rise in amplitude and dig deeper down, because that’s where encounters happen, and sometimes, surprising ideas.
  • Horoscope January 2019

    Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher is an editor and author. She co-directed the collective work on eco-feminist reflections titled Faire partie du monde: réflexions écoféministes. She is currently on a quest to unveil contemporary forms of witchcraft as a political approach.

    Photo credit : Catherine Dubé

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