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Horoscope February 2019

Ketto Horoscope - February - Lou Lauz



You go forth in life, radiant. Effortless. That’s your strength. In this month of zealous snow, simply “be.” Remind yourself: often, less is better. Your existence suffices to light the fire in others, to warm their heart; starting with your own. Do what’s necessary to nourish your soul, and watch as the joyful pleasures pile up in the eyes of your beloved ones; dive in!



You teach consistency and envision impermanence. February suggests a long slide, necessary for crossing this zone. You apply strength where needed, with presence and empathy. Thus, you connect with the intangible and walk alongside impermanence – a gentle reminder of the sky above your determined horns that holds everything you cannot confront in your usual manner. Courage, effort, transformation, rhythm. Take a detour for the satisfaction of A tea in the tundra.



Among all the beautiful flowers in a bouquet, some add colour, some bring balance, some delight and others lend support. In this introspective month, you are a flower that gives structure – propping up others and yourself. You unfurl completely, from your inner core out. So wide. Feel how well you are surrounded! Look! You are seen. Will you welcome being welcomed into the bouquet?


Contra dance/balance

Clap-clap! Your pretty, polite and efficient claws beat out the rhythm. February is a wild month, thanks to your contagious energy! Molecules, hearts and bodies collide! Phew! Fortunately, in a corner somewhere, a swing awaits. Will you sit for a moment? Tranquility brims with life, allows your bohemian soul to percolate. A little patience, a lot of essence… large open spaces beware.



You are at once beneath, above and somewhere in between a single layer of snow. Your dance is one of transcendence, capturing and embodying all states at once. We could simply leave you there to enjoy the moment... and to your delight, but alas your light is calling! The time is ripe for sharing, or if you prefer, for re-centring. And what’s wonderful about that? The choice is yours. Entirely. ¡Aproveche!



Close enough for us, far enough away for self; that’s the challenge of snow-covered love, and what allows it to endure. You can’t teach a Virgo to waltz between extremes! Today, remember that all follies are permitted when you have the wisdom to keep them in sight. You have what it takes to navigate the high seas; spread your wings and fly. Trust, leap and land. The dock will survive... or float like a raft. Nothing is lost, everything is created through transformation.



There’s a time to plan, a time to toil and a time to celebrate. The horizon – vast, simple and beautiful – opens like a lunar sea: dive in like it’s cotton candy! Your childlike pleasure will light a spark, enough to thrill the adult you are in between dreams. Without you realizing it, love wraps itself around you. Close your eyes and open your heart, the rest will follow. Feel how good that is? It’s time to celebrate: do it to your heart’s content!



Slowly, you dig your path through the snow. Further on, you dig through the ice; as deep as you want. Persistence, that’s you. February will bring surprises, gentle and white, inner warmth. Your light illuminates like no other. But you melt the ice floes and their gaze falls on you. Are you surprised? Really? You, who has always breathed passion into all that is near, will you finally receive the light?



Get a move on, giddy-up! You haven’t left your stall since when? An eternity. Shake yourself off and charge! The time for timidity has passed, there’s no point keeping quiet, go out and do your best. Winter excites you, the snow creaks under your boots, lifting you toward great aspirations. Suspension calls to you, your muscles quiver. In February you’ll be on the move, you’ll expand with bated breath and enjoy the still point between one movement and the next. Relish in the loquacious silence.



You are the rock to lean on, the cave to explore. Your mystery is as compelling as your serene strength. You are completely unrattled: you possess an age-old tranquility. February invites you to enjoy it to the fullest. Let the agitation cease, or at least diminish, let the debris settle: your heart is buried somewhere near, what an excellent opportunity. After all, it’s been waiting its turn. Are you ready? Go! Get up, Rise! Angelou is watching, with a great big smile.



You’re navigating through many waters, your molecules are everywhere at once. Their easy vibration pulls us into a nurturing buzzing. You are physical, you are quantum. Nothing escapes you, no summit, no aspiration, no human or kitten. February is yours; invite us in. Ooooh, initiation! We may lose a few feathers, but we’ll finish the race. For now, the breeze is all that counts. Oh, yes!



Your fins adapt to snow and water. You understand it, and us, in all of our forms. A beast of compassion and adaptability, you gracefully and spontaneously navigate the unknown. Your inner bearings and the sea you hold within well up like love itself. Frost crystals sparkle like diamonds. The earth is incubating a fruitful fire. Do not fear the elements! They nestle in you and bear wonder. Inspire us, and together, we’ll welcome what comes.

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