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Horoscope January 2019

Ketto Horoscope - January - Valérie Lefebvre-Faucher


You’ll get up one morning, around 7, and you will have a faint feeling that your fragility is fading. This subtle absence will continue until you feel dizzy. Nobody will know, your clenched teeth will gently release. A secret maker of strength. This winter, you will check your foundations, your articulations. Run all the tests. Map the power. When you venture out again, you will have extra legs, and antennas. You will once again be able to navigate the pitfalls and sabotage the tyrannies without getting caught.

Your 2019 enchantment: You will rely on the wisdom of a woman from another land, who has a scientific treasure you know nothing of.


There will be moments when love comes easily, when people come without being called, like clever pilgrims. Relish in the presence of those who have found you, and their gestures of help. Stock up on offerings and wishes, because you will need them along the way. Your body will discover new sensitivity: offer it all kinds of pleasures. Travel in a caravan loaded higher than usual with intangible goods, and you will go far, love much and welcome travelers less fortunate than you.

Your 2019 enchantment: Accept your close relationship with other animal species. Humans are not the only ones who can lend support.


Although your inner music spreads joy among your entourage, it has been inconspicuous lately. You’re trying to catch your breath. Give yourself all the silence you need. Surround yourself with doubt, and rest. Take your time as you caress your inner-most layers, as you look toward the colour red, the desire of fire. Your next move will be born of stillness. You do not have to play to the gallery when you are building true passion. The others will return at your call.

Your 2019 enchantment: Brave the cold and the incommunicability by cooking with your sisters, by nourishing your sisters.


Darkness has carried you like a taxi in the sky: your heart is soaring like a bird, there is urgency in your altitude. Say “yes” to your need for poetry, nourish it. It’s a gestational hunger: you are creating hope for the return of light. You hear the living pulsations coming from afar. The world needs your risky perceptions, your intuitive movement. Trust your instincts, even if they are not shared by all.

Your 2019 enchantment: You are a guide for others. Enchantress of chaos, tame the anguish in others.


You crossed the savannah, carrying the clan on your back, and collapsed near a pond. The others left, independent, not knowing whether you were healing or sleeping like a queen. Now, hunger has taken over and you rise up. No one will hunt for you. Find the courage to set out on a new path. Stay alert. Your territory is vaster than you thought, and you will be surprised, as you embark on an adventure, to arrive home and to never have been alone.

Your 2019 enchantment: You will meet remarkable Southern hunters, and if you take their advice, together your endeavours will be bountiful.


You are a Virgo: the horoscope knows that you do not believe in it. But it does not begrudge you; even the horoscope appreciates your logic, your dedication. You are planning something the horoscope approves of. You will launch your project sooner than expected, possibly with the new moon on the 6th. You still have a few days to pamper yourself. The spirit of peace that you are constructing will transform into a message transmitted, a touch, and luminous leadership. You are ready. Stronger than the destiny of the stars.

Your 2019 enchantment: Along the way, you buried bonds of love and, although you no longer think about them, far away, one of your rhizomes is bearing fruit. Look closely.


You are a torrent of beauty, bringing esthetics with you as you overflow. Rules do not suit you; too bad for them. Persist another month with this creation that you cannot yet see. A form is taking shape. Priority. Make room for it. The mundane is but a distraction.

Your 2019 enchantment: You will need help from your mentors, and in turn, you will be there for the next generation. Capitalize on your social family.


A melody takes root, present but not obsessive. It places your past in the lower range, a deep and gentle melody that no longer covers the rest. This frees you from a recurring problem; you do not have to escape, because you live in all dimensions. This winter, travel between worlds. The polyphonic melodies help you grow. You are not a stranger, but a traveller of the Styx. Help others overcome hatred.

Your 2019 enchantment: You will discover a masterwork that will point you toward the road to joy and consolation.


Attacks on your circuits, tears, egotistical people and Saturn. But nobody, not even the cold, has beaten you down. Your embers are glowing bright. A fiery source is under foot, nourishing madness and love. What will you do? Around the middle of the month, all of your energy will come back at once, and you will have to find an outlet for it. The path that you choose will become a vein of blazing gold. Build on the obstacle with a chance to start again.

Your 2019 enchantment: A meeting with a woman from the woods will lead to sinful joy.


The January blues will bring you luck. Pay close attention to what’s happening in the twilight hours, when you’re starving and discouraged. You’ve been wise and silent. Now, enjoy the laughter that has returned, and your increased strength to say “Yes,” “No,” and “I don’t care.” Truth comes to you like a laughing hyena. Recognize it. Use it often, like a fierce talisman.

Your 2019 enchantment: You will walk with someone whose body is unreliable, whose shape is shifting, and the rhythm of your irregular footsteps will brighten your lives.


The stars are making everything around you spin, but the breeze rocks you and a flute tune flows over your old wounds. Western. Let the walls crack. You are a warrior in the eye of the tornado. Contemplate the horizon and the dissipating fears, caress the cat as it passes, read the comics and cut all communication. The turmoil ends all hindrances. You will be light this spring.

Your 2019 enchantment: It’s time to talk to the girl who intimidates you; the one who masters the magic you so desire.


The blue screen sucks up souls and spits out poison. Quickly, you need soil to stifle fatigue, credit. Slow the progression of everything ugly. Escape. Stop censuring joy and dive into the truth. Then, at the end of the month, your horoscope will make all that is gentle rain down from above. Magic will return on its own, in opposition to the machine. Everything will be imbued with sticky love, which we are almost embarrassed to imagine without your consent.

Your 2019 enchantment: A woman protecting the territory against destruction needs your help.

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